3 Factors to Consider if You’re Looking for an IT Consultant

by | Oct 26, 2021 | IT Services

Many small businesses look at bringing on IT consultants to support a project, a workload, or an overall strategy. To determine if bringing on an IT consultant makes sense for your business, you need to take an in-depth look at your current IT environment and business processes in addition to future technology initiatives and budgets.

Before determining if hiring an IT consultant is right for you, you first need to understand what an IT consultant is and the benefits they can bring to your business. That said, an IT consultant is an experienced technology specialist that partners with a company to help leverage technology to improve business processes and overcome pain points. Looking for an IT consultant in Columbus? Look no further than the Revolution Group.

IT consulting capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Technology strategies
  • Account management
  • Pairing the right technology with project initiatives
  • Monitoring and alerting on the health of your IT infrastructure
  • 24×7 Helpdesk Support*
  • Staying ahead of the technology curve
  • Providing you with up-to-date and actionable information

When we talk with prospects about utilizing Revolution Group’s Managed IT Services, we ask them to consider three factors if they look at the benefits an IT consultant can provide: objectivity, company growth, and supporting technology initiatives.

An IT Consultant Provides Objectivity

Since an IT consultant is a third-party that your business brings in, you gain an objective, invaluable outside perspective on business decisions. IT consultants audit your current technology landscape and projects and provide an actionable strategy that supports the business’s overall goals and initiatives.

An IT consultant’s objectivity gives you a 360° view of all the possible options and scenarios—both positive and negative—that your business should consider as a part of its technological ecosystem. As a collaborative IT partner, a promising IT consultant helps you explore all of your technology options, giving you examples in addition to the rationale as to which solution might be the best for your company.

A Managed IT Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Company

In addition to providing you with objectivity, IT consultants typically have a specific project, business, and industry knowledge and insight. As a result, IT consultants can help you position your company for growth and success by calling on previous expertise. As IT consultants at Revolution Group in Columbus, we encounter companies that have either grown quickly or have plans for aggressive expansion.

Often, they have not considered some of the technology hurdles this kind of growth brings. For example, document storage and sharing, in-house infrastructure capabilities, and security protocols for remote employees are all common IT considerations that arise during rapid expansion. Having an IT consultant address these common issues can significantly reduce the time needed to get your technology up to par with the rest of your business.

An IT Consultant Can Support Your IT Staff

When your IT team is constantly bogged down with daily support issues, your future technology initiatives are the last thing you consider. So, why not hire more staff? At Revolution Group in Columbus, we find that many small-to-medium-sized companies can’t afford to hire more internal IT staff. A viable solution to this problem is outsourcing your IT services through an IT consultant which can provide you with proven solutions, reducing the learning curve dramatically. In addition, by hiring an IT consultant, you can free up the in-house staff’s time by off-loading routine, helpdesk IT issues that come with more employees to focus on long-term, future strategy.

While this is not an entire list of factors to consider when choosing to partner with an IT consultant, these factors can help you start the consideration process. At Revolution Group, we are a group of IT consultants committed to making business more accessible with world-class technology. Contact us today to learn more about our consulting services.

While this is not an entire list of questions to consider when choosing to partner with an IT Consultant, they are designed to start the consideration process.

*24×7 help desk support is typically offered by IT Consultants through a packaged offering known as Managed Services. To learn more about Managed Services, check out our blog, “What is a Managed Service Provider”.

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