4 Reasons to Backup Your Business Email

by | Mar 16, 2015 | IT Services

Email is the corner stone of communication in this digital age. For many professionals, a majority of their communication is done through email. Its ease of use has thrust it to the forefront of interaction. With that being said, it’s easy to see that your business emails will have a lot of data and conversations that require organization and security compliance. Think about all the important conversations you’ve conducted in the last year that are now archived. It’s easy to archive an important email, and expect to find it there a year or two down the line. But there are many reasons to backup your business email.


We all know that living in the digital age adds some vulnerability, especially for small to medium sized businesses. As long as you have a proactive technology plan, most of your data is safely protected. However, many professionals simply do not think to back up their email. Backing up your email is an easy step to take for protection without investing in expensive hardware solutions.

Individual folders with sensitive information

You can separately back up folders containing sensitive information. By backing them up, you have the option of creating a password for the .pst file, and you can choose to store it in a different, more secure location than the rest of your email backups.

Sending .pst files

Microsoft Outlook automatically stores messages, contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and journal entries on your mailbox server. If you share these .pst files often with coworkers, successfully backing up your email will ensure that all of your data is easily accessible at all times.

Clear space

While archiving can help you save a limited amount of data on your profile, email back-up will allow you to have all of your data without taking extra steps to archive, saving space and time.

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