The Value-Add of ERP Consulting Services

by | Sep 30, 2015 | ERP Services

Value-add is a common phrase in today’s business world, but it’s also an important question. As manufacturers investigate new technologies and look to implement ERP solutions, they often ask value-add questions about third-party consulting companies. Executives wonder if it is worth it to bring external consultants in to manage their projects or help them with the challenges that come with growth, competition, and globalization. What is the value-add of partnering with an ERP consulting firm?

Value 1: Consultants bring a methodology.

Methodology means know-how, organized flow of actions, discipline, and a systematic approach to analysis that bring results to your organization. A good consulting firm has developed methods to help you manage projects and resolve business challenges. A proven method streamlines the process of finding specific answers and solutions.

Methodologies are developed over time and from working with hundreds of customers to implement ERP solutions. When you work with a trusted consulting partner, industry best practices and proven techniques are used to outline your plan for success. This brings us to the second value.

Value 2: Consultants bring knowledge and experience.

When you partner with a quality firm, their technology expertise and manufacturing experience are focused on your business. While this may be your first look at technology needs and issues, it isn’t the first time for your ERP partner. Experienced consultants have developed their expertise through working with many manufacturers in different industries and sectors. They are able to draw on that experience and apply that expertise to your situation.

Imagine if you could be part of how other organizations in your industry approach strategic, tactical, and operational challenges. Consultants do this everyday. Chances are the situation and issues you are facing have been managed before by your consulting firm. They have mastered best practices in your industry, and their advice will provide proven solutions you can adapt and deploy in your specific environment.

Value 3: Consultants help streamline your business.

When you eliminate unnecessary steps in any of your processes, you have a positive impact on the value of your business. This will require a trained eye to analyze and optimize your processes for achieving maximizing value. Consultants can bring this to your business – the value of getting the best of your people, technology, and processes with finely tuned recommendations that will make a big difference in your organization. A quality consulting firm understands the importance of getting the most from your ERP investment. They will make reporting and delivering on promised results a priority.

Value 4: Consultants transfer knowledge and provide support.

Consulting services are offered on a continuum that starts with the consultant that guides you in your decision making process and flows through the consultants working with your team to optimize and improve your business. Regardless of the level of involvement or kind of project, your consultants will spread their knowledge and make your people better prepared and more capable of facing future challenges.

A good ERP partner will assists in every phase of your ERP project – from initial deployment through system optimization. Your consultants should strive to become key members of your team, to understand your business, and to improve your operations.

Value 5: Consultants are a factor of synergy.

Tons of articles have been created about the concept and application of synergy to business. The idea that 1 + 1 > 2 is the very foundation of your consultants’ work. Your ERP partner will work with you to combine the knowledge and experience of your organization with the methodology, vision, and best practices of the industry to create value well beyond the independent efforts of each party. A good consulting partner will focus on optimizing your ERP investment and helping you get much more than you could accomplish on your own.

Drawing on years of experience, industry best practices, and expertise developed though working with hundreds of customers in many industries, a good consulting partner will help you not only reach your goals, but achieve far beyond. If you would like to talk more about ERP success for your business, give us a call at 614-212-1111 or fill. We would love to change the way you think about ERP.

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